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2D laser etching

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2D laser etching at Edax-Group

2D laser etching is used for cutting flat metal surfaces, mainly sheet metal, while 3D laser cutting is used for processing non-flat metals, such as pipes and profiles. This method of laser cutting is becoming increasingly popular, but this does not mean that the process does not require the right skills and equipment. The best solution will be to outsource the processing to a professional company that provides such services, such as ours.

2D laser

How does 2D laser etching work?

During this process, the metal is treated with a laser. The beam produces very high temperatures, reaching such high values that the material it affects melts in the areas indicated by the computer. The machine then blows out the melted parts with a gas, ensuring that the sheet metal is thoroughly cleaned. Everything is done by entering the data into the machine performing the appropriate calculations, so the precision of the cutting of this method is perfect. 2D laser etching can be used on metals such as, but not limited to: Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Brass

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Types of laser cutting

Various types of laser cutting can be distinguished. The basic method is reactive cutting. This is usually a stream of oxygen alone, although in some cases it forms a mixture with argon. Due to the high temperature achieved by this stream, 2D laser burning is extremely efficient. For high alloy metals, you should opt for liquid cutting. The use of gases such as argon or nitrogen can allow the cut surface to be thoroughly cleaned. There is also a crack cutting method. A laser beam acts on specific pieces of metal, leading to cracks on the surface of the sheet metal thanks to the temperature.

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Advantage of 2D laser etching

2D laser etching - Advantages

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Is it worth relying on a laser?

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