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Transportation of steel constructions

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Transport of steel constructions - logistics

Transportation of steel constructions is not just based on loading, unloading and transportation. It is a complex process in which proper logistics are also necessary. This is especially true for non-standard size structures. Edax-Group offers our own transportation and trained staff.

transport konstrukcji stalowych
logistics and transport department

Transportation of steel constructions at Edax-Group

The transportation of steel constructions, as well as other oversized loads, can involve a number of problems. One such factor can be road conditions. Overpasses and bridges that are too low can be problematic, as well as the terrain itself that prevents passage. This makes the role of logisticians in the transportation of steel structures indispensable. Their tasks include, first of all, the development of a suitable route that will allow the transport to be completed efficiently and safely.

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Principals should be prepared to give very precise details of the construction, such as a detailed description, technical drawings or exact parameters. Already at the very beginning of planning such a service, it is necessary to choose the appropriate means of transportation. It is advisable to start consultations as early as possible, so that while the structure is still being manufactured, all requirements allowing the transportation of steel structures can be agreed upon and, if necessary, a given project can be modified accordingly, for example, by dividing it into parts, if possible.

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Transportation of steel constructions - cargo security

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