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3D laser etching

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3D laser etching at Edax-Group

At Edax Group, we focus on knowledge, experience, continuous development and expansion of our portfolio. We are a manufacturer of steel structures. We undertake various, even unusual orders, which allowed us to develop optimal methods of operation. We are open to the visions of customers and the implementation of non-standard projects.

3D laser

What is 3D laser etching

Making entire objects out of steel sometimes requires parts with non-standard shapes. 3D laser burning takes advantage of the flexibility of the laser tool and the latest technology. It makes it possible to form materials at different angles of inclination, achieve complex shapes, weld and drill. 2D laser etching supports only flat surfaces. 3D laser etching allows cutting sheet metal and stamped surfaces, as well as all three-dimensional details: hydroformed pipes, bent pipes, pre-welded pipes, pre-formed pipes, open profiles and closed profiles. Laser etching is suitable for any type of metal, for example: aluminum, aluminized steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper and brass.

quality and experience

3D laser etching provides

cutting each material with maximum precision, efficiency and quality. 3D laser etching is the best choice for thinner and more delicate materials (for example, thin pipes), which are easily deformed during processing with traditional technology. With traditional processing, all the steps – cutting, drilling, punching, milling, shaped hole punching and deburring – are done one at a time. 3D laser etching replaces all these steps with a single operation.

Edax-Group manufacturer of steel constructions of the highest quality

What is 3D laser etching?

3D laser etching - advantages

What do we deal with?

We work with passion for steel

Our offer is aimed at all entrepreneurs and investors who need a well-designed and efficiently executed enclosed space for their business. Our offer includes:

  • construction of warehouse halls (including high storage);
  • construction of logistics halls;
  • construction of production halls;
  • construction of large-format stores;
  • construction of shopping malls;
  • construction of cold stores and freezers;
  • construction of industrial facilities;
  • construction of sports facilities;
  • construction of office spaces;
  • expansion of already existing facilities;
  • modernization of already existing facilities;
  • erection of personalized facilities;
  • construction of greenhouses.

We make steel structures from A to Z.

We pay attention to the smallest details at every stage of our work. Our activities include:

At Edax-Group we have:

  • qualified staff – we work with experienced welders and specialists who are certified to perform visual (VT); penetrant testing (PT), magnetic particle (MT) and ultrasonic (UT);
  • a solid equipment base – we have a modern fleet of machines, equipment renowned manufacturers and the most up-to-date software;
  • materials of the highest quality – we use the most modern materials with excellent parameters;
  • modern technologies – we are constantly developing, training and implementing the latest technologies.

Steel constructions continue to gain popularity in the construction industry. The versatility of steel elements and structures means that industrial construction uses them to erect structures such as:

Steel constructions are characterized by durability and trouble-free operation, convenience and safety of use, excellent acoustic and thermal insulation parameters and resistance to environmental conditions. Structures made of steel are lightweight and easy to install, they are also characterized by high aesthetics, both of the structure itself and the facade.

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