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European certificates

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ISO 3834-2

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EN 1090

certyfikaty europejskie

ISO certification - what it is and why you should implement it

Quality standards and European entitlements are the focus of the independent organization’s work, and the ISO certificate is its culmination. Entrepreneurs who choose to comply with international standards receive a certificate confirming the high quality of their services and products. Enterprises that seek certification must apply to the Polish Accreditation Center. Obtaining an ISO certificate is preceded by a mandatory audit of the compan

European certificates

What does the abbreviation ISO stand for?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization - it is the name of an organization whose mission is to create international quality standards. The ranks of the ISO are fed by independent members - one from each country. Poland is represented in this international organization by the Polish Normative Committee. This entity, as well as the entire ISO, is based on ethical values - no business, institution or government of a country can influence the activities of the ISO.

ISO welding certificate

ISO standards vs. galvanizing certificates

Companies specializing in creating steel constructions usually also specialize in performing galvanizing services. Galvanizing is one way of protecting steel structures from corrosion. Ignoring the guidelines developed by the ISO can result in underestimating the quality of protection of steel components against harmful external influences. Galvanizing certificates provide a guarantee that the service will be performed with the utmost care. By having an ISO certificate, customers can be assured that the product they are buying was made with the utmost care.

ISO certificates - why implement them

An undoubted advantage of implementing ISO certification into a company is the overall improvement of the company’s image. Entrepreneurs who conform to international standards are seen as reliable and professional. ISO certification is always preceded by a thorough inspection of the enterprise, which means to the customer that the products offered, have been well checked.

Implementing ISO certification helps a company grow. In what way? Well, having a certificate is often associated with the need to conduct specialized courses and training among employees, which are designed to improve the skills of the staff. Involving employees in their own development with can improve communication within the company and translate into the development of the entire enterprise.

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Qualification of welding authorizations is carried out according to one of the following standards:

EN ISO 9606-1

EN ISO 9606-2

EN ISO 9606-3

Welder qualification exam – Welding – Part 3: Copper and copper alloys.

EN ISO 9606-4

EN ISO 9606-5

EN ISO 14732

certyfikaty europejskie

Welding certification EN 1090

Welding certifications are proof of having the knowledge and skills to perform welding work at the highest level, taking into account work ethics and customer requirements. With EN 1090 certification, entrepreneurs can produce products that meet all the necessary standards, which translates into quality and safety during use.