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Industrial construction

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Edax-Group Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is the erection of various types of buildings intended for economic activity, such as: halls, warehouses, sheds or greenhouses. Placing such facilities is the priority of Edax Group. Our staff deals with industrial construction and takes care of timely work and the highest quality standards. We use modern technology, matching the facilities to the type of production taking place in them.

industrial construction

Our steel constructions guarantee safety

Edax Group industrial construction guarantees uninterrupted production and worker safety. The durability of halls depends on the materials of the structural elements. Industrial facilities are supported by strong steel or reinforced concrete constructions. They must be carefully designed and constructed, by which is meant bending of materials, welding and protection against corrosion and fire.

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We offer a thoughtful industrial hall design

Already at the design stage, our engineers take into account that the hall will be used, among others, overhead cranes, winches or workshop cranes, which generate loads on the supporting structure. Therefore, the foundations of the structure will protect the structures we erect from dynamic loads from the machinery and equipment operating in them. The design will also take into account:

  • adequate air conditioning by supply and exhaust systems mounted under the girders of the roof covering,
  • good illumination of the hall through carefully constructed structural roofing or specially made skylights,
  • installation of gates for communication inside the plant.
  • for the comfort of employees, the designer will lay out communication paths, social and office areas with appropriate soundproofing.

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We will make your warehouse hall

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We offer greenhouse constructions

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