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Greenhouse constructions

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Edax Group greenhouse constructions

If you want to build a greenhouse that will serve you and your business, you need to bet on a greenhouse design that will be both sturdy and durable, as well as present itself in the right way in front of your potential customers. If you run your own farm, or if you are a rancher or industrial grower, you probably have such preferences that you expect to be met by the contractor for your project. Such and many more requirements can be met by Edax Group.

greenhouse structures

Greenhouse constructions and what you need to know about them.

The entire structure of the greenhouse must be based on its steel construction. At the same time, it must hold all the installation that is responsible for irrigating the plants that are in the greenhouse. In addition to this, there is also the issue of weather conditions. Snow, frost, wind or rain negatively affect the steel from which this construction is made. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that greenhouse constructions are made of the best quality steel possible.

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Advantages of building large greenhouse constructions.

  • Energy savings – greenhouses are equipped with special insulation materials that allow you to maintain the optimal temperature inside the room, which leads to lower heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Extension of the growing season – thanks to the ability to maintain optimal conditions inside the greenhouse, plants can be grown all year round, regardless of the outside weather.
  • Increased yields – greenhouses allow you to grow plants in ideal conditions for their growth and development, resulting in higher yields.
  • Saving water – greenhouses are equipped with automatic irrigation systems, which allows you to optimize the amount of water needed to grow plants.
  • Protection from pests – greenhouses allow to avoid contact of plants with pests and diseases, thus maintaining high quality crops.

Edax Group - a company worthy of your trust.

When setting up your greenhouse, both large and small, it is worth taking care of it from the very beginning. That is why it is important that you choose a company that will build the steel construction on which your greenhouse will be erected in a reliable and fully responsible manner. Edax Group is an ideal choice in this case, which guarantees full professionalism and adherence to the deadlines for the execution of the order. In addition, apart from the execution itself, we offer transport of steel constructions to the construction site itself.

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