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Halls, warehouses, sheds

konstrukcje stalowe | hale, magazyny, wiaty | certyfikaty | malowanie proszkowe

Edax-Group halls, warehouses and sheds

The diversity of our customers’ expectations has resulted in a very wide range of applications for the constructions we offer. Our portfolio includes warehouses, production halls, retail halls, logistics halls, as well as halls used successfully in service activities. We also manufacture sheds and greenhouse constructions.

halls, warehouses, sheds

Industrial constructio

is a very broad industry, and we strive to fully meet the demands placed on us. During the design and construction of our halls, we place special emphasis on ensuring that they perform their functions at the highest level. The whole process is supervised by experienced engineers and designers, and as you know, a well-prepared investment saves both time and money. Therefore, it is not without significance that we have many years of experience, which we gladly share with our customers, offering them tailor-made products.

quality and experience

Production and installation of halls, warehouses, shelters

We produce our halls and other steel constructions with the utmost care, using the latest professional machinery and equipment, taking full advantage of the potential and competence of the entire team. The resulting halls, warehouses or sheds already at the design stage are surrounded by great care for the highest standards of investment implementation. Attention to even the smallest details, results in full satisfaction of our customers. Step by step, from the design, through the bending of materials, to the installation, we keep an eye on quality, which is the most important thing for us. Hence the guarantee that our warehouses, sheds, halls and other constructions will fully meet the high demands of customers.

Manufacturer of halls, warehouses and shelters of the highest quality

Transportation of halls, warehouses and sheds

Maintaining the highest possible quality

Out of passion for steel

The top-quality materials we use in the manufacturing process ensure many years of trouble-free use. This will certainly translate directly into considerable savings, related both to the lack of costly maintenance and repairs. We have no doubt that we are giving our customers premium-class halls, warehouses and sheds.

We know all about hall and warehouse construction

Completing the whole picture is professional installation. Our halls are erected by workers specially trained for this purpose. They make sure that each construction is built in accordance with the art and using the full workshop of their skills and modern tools. Our assemblers are also our business card, which is why we take so much care of the proper preparation of each of them.

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