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Steel constructions

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Steel constructions tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur

Edax Group is an experienced manufacturer of steel constructions. Years of experience and implementation of various types of orders have allowed us to develop optimal methods of operation. We are constantly developing and expanding our portfolio.

Steel constructions

What are steel constructions?

Steel constructions are one of the basic elements that make up industrial construction. Among other things, steel constructions are used to construct buildings such as:

  • storage halls (including those of high storage);
  • production halls;
  • logistics halls;
  • cold stores and freezers;
  • shopping malls;
  • large-format stores;
  • sports and entertainment halls;
  • industrial facilities;
  • agricultural facilities;
  • social facilities;
  • office spaces
we focus on quality and experience

Steel constructions

are present in almost all building structures due to their versatility. They are durable and can meet strict building standards for large-scale structures. Large industrial or commercial halls and facilities are often not compartmentalized internally, which becomes a design challenge. Good design takes into account the maximum adaptation of the interior to the activity the interior is intended to serve, while maintaining all guidelines.

Manufacturer of the highest quality steel constructions

What characterizes our constructions?

What do we offer our customers?

What are we dealing with?

Steel is in our blood

We pay attention to the smallest details at every stage of our work. Our activities include:

When it comes to steel constructions, we have:

  • qualified staff – we work with experienced welders and specialists who are certified to perform visual (VT); penetrant testing (PT), magnetic particle (MT) and ultrasonic (UT);
  • robust equipment facilities – we have a modern fleet of machines, equipment from reputable manufacturers and the most up-to-date software;
  • top-quality materials – we use the most modern materials with excellent parameters;
  • modern technologies – we are constantly developing, training and implementing the latest technologies.

Greenhouses are among the specific steel constructions. They are a combination of a steel frame with a glass covering. Different types of glass are used for covering: frosted, tempered, turned or polycarbonate, among others. The glass covering provides excellent light transmission and energy efficiency. Greenhouse steel structures are widely used in garden centers, farms and on private properties.

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